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We use a behavior chart in our classroom with a color system. Unwanted behaviors that break our class rules result in a move down our color system, while exceptional behaviors result in rewards and opportunites to climb back up the color system.

  • Pink-'Outstanding!'
  • Purple- 'Great Day!'
  • Blue- 'Good Day'
  • Green - starter color 'Ready to Learn'
  • Yellow- 'Think about it'
  • Orange- 'Teacher's Choice' of consequence + no recess
  • Red- 'Parent Call' parent/principal notification + teacher consequence + no recess

 For exceptional behaviors, students may be rewarded to move their card back up the system to green, and may be graced with no consequences. Your child will have a behavior chart in his/her notebook indicating their color for each day. Please check it daily so we may keep up to date.